Oookay! I-AM-ALIVE... And this is whats been going on! For almost two weeks ago I was hospitalized for a weekend.
It all started on friday morning, I woke up had a banana for breakfast and a half hour later it felt like something would've exploded in my tummy. I couldn't walk, sit, pee or nearly even breathe, I've never experienced that kind of pain in my life before!
We called 112 and the paramedics arrived 15 minutes later. They couldn't tell what was wrong and just told me to go to our health care station. So we did and when we came there they gave me a bed I could lie down in and then all the waiting began..
Several nurses came and took tests after tests and I had to wait for the doctor for two hours. When the doctor finally decided to show up, he did a quick five minute check and just sent me to VCS. Then again at VCS I had to wait for another two hours to get anywhere.
Now they started to do more thorough examinations and after an hour I found out I was going to be hospitalized. There was a chance my oviduct was going to explode and if this would happen it would lead to blood getting out in my tummy. Which meant surgery.
The thing was I had never been hospitalized or had surgery in my life before so you could say I was scared, very scared. Six hours after I got to the health care station, I got a room at the hospital and the ugly mandatory hospital clothes. Babe went home to get me some stuff and during the time he was away the nurses tried to insert a cannula but an hour later and four failed attempts, they called in the anesthesiologist who finally got it in.
The morning after I was woken up by the nurses who was there to take some blood samples and change my antibiotics..again.. The nurses told me the doctor was going examine me at 10.
At 12.30 the door was abruptly opened and the doctor came to my bed. She started to ask me a series of questions and I answered them sincerely and politely when she suddenly rolled her eyes at me and my answers!!
I immediately asked her what that was about!? She just continued staring at me a while and then ignored me and jumped to her next question. She didn't even have the decency to answer my question!
There I was, scared to death, with a doctor who was looking and talking to me like she was some what better than me.
When we were walking to the examination room she told me her personal opinions on what surgeries she doesn't like to implement. I was truly chocked and offended by this and sputtered out that she had "no right to judge me or roll her eyes at me and look at me like I'm some kind of idiot. No matter what she thinks and no matter what her personal opinions are!".
That damn doctor couldn't give an apology even when I confronted her with tears streaming down my face. She was a woman in her fifties who acted like she had every right in the world to judge me (or any of her patients). She even was rude and rolled her eyes (AGAIN!!) when I didn't know my exact weight!!
Anyway, surgery wasn't needed but then on the other hand I had to get a round of chemotherapy. This is nothing I wish upon anyone, not even my worst enemy!
An hour after I got the shot I started to feel a little absent, tired and dizzy. Another six hours later I started to feel really sick and started throwing up. My tummy was hurting like hell once again and I had to ask for painkillers for the first time.
They gave me a panadol(!!) which I ended throwing up and then I got stonger painkillers and something to help with the sickness. I can't say I slept well that night.
Three hours after I woke up the doctor came and told me I was getting better and finally told me I could go home!!
The whole week after the chemotherapy I was feeling absent and when I laid down I had this feeling like I was going to faint all the time through out my body.
I haven't had any kind of apetite and absolutely no additional energy. My tummy has been hurting a bit ever since but they told me it can take up to three weeks before my fully recover.




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