Yay, I've got fever and the flu.. I've been dead on the sofa all day! Thank you to those who made ten whole seasons of Smallville I just say. Time for another cup of tea and one more fever reducing pill!
The first pictures with Hilda, you can really tell that she's not as used to posing as the boys are yet ;)
The king on his throne!
Someone who loves sneaking up on everything and everyone! She's so tiny!!


First day of school - check!
We got to trace logos in Illustrator for almost 3,5 h :D Also, my deepest and most wet dream came true today.. As I walked in to my classroom, the first thing appearing in front of me is 25 Imacs... And in the next room, which was the photo studio, there's two cabinets that goes from floor to ceiling, full with camera equipment.. The geek in me just died and WENT TO F*CKING TECH HEAVEN!! This feels so freaking right for me!


This was my last weekend off before school begins, and I just tried to do as little as possible ;) Got to eat the best burger in the city, which I've craved for a whole year. And yes, it still is the best burger! Then we went to get brunch bagels and donuts from Arnolds! It's been a very nice weekend with way too much food, candy with good friends! Summerbreak is over and reality is calling! And the grande finale this weekend is that my "Skunkfia" is on her way over, YAY!
I love this city <3
Could give almost anything just to get to know whats going on in his head ;) And yeah, this is why I love photography! E; this photo will never ever be deleted :D Cred to my boo who took the picture! 


It's just a small silent whisper, nobody wants to say it out loud because then it will come true. So I'll just verify it all for you all, the autumn is really here! I didn't really want to realise it, no more warm summer nights! But when I found some rowan berries yesterday, I just couldn't ignore it anymore.. My boo and I went out for a 1.5h walk last night and he was complaining about how cold his fingers was.. Bye bye summer, until next time..
We found a really nice place where we sat down and got to see this really beautiful sunset! I actually find landscape photography the least fun of it all.. It's really a challenge for me to get a landscape photo that I'm satisfied with! Something really has to catch my eye from the first instant. I'm more about the details in the big picture and timeless portraits, now thats my cup of tea!


I totally woke up on the wrong side today.. I'm so tired and feeling feverish, I don't want to do anything today! So I'll just be on the sofa browsing Pinterest and watching the series Ancient Aliens


I love these sunglasses I "borrowed" of my dad, Thanks for the sunnies dad ;) They make me feel like I'm from the seventies or eighties!
And then we have my hate-love relationship towards my hair.. I could easily cut of 30cm of it in this very instant, but then I freaking do love my long hair!


I've been so pissed at myself all these years, because I never seem to succeed at making a simple (blue)berry pie! So when I decided to make a berry pie last sunday I got so frustrated when I couldn't find the pie shell recipe I was going for. After a two hour search without finding anything, I just made up my own.. And holy mother of jesus, IT.WAS.FREAKING.DELICIOUS.! So if you're about to make a pie, here you have the (without doubt) best pie recipe ever!! I used blueberries and raspberries in my pie.


Take another little piece of my heart now, baby.


Home spa sunday!

Still life photography will be fun they said..Atleast not when you've got three crazy cats running around the apartment..


A rainy and windy but cozy saturday. Oh, and a big piece of blueberry-&raspberrypie (in a sea of vanilla sauce) ;)
How adorable aren't Happy and Hilda!?  
 And fresh flowers <3


Cuddled up in the sofa with watermelon, coffee and the Hunger Games. Been doing some cleaning and now I'm planning to make a blueberry-rasberrypie :) 


After the storm a beautiful sky awaits


Do I even need to tell that I loooove black and earthy colors in the fall!?


I woke up at 8.30am today and couldn't fall asleep again. So, I decided to surprise my boo with breakfast in bed.

Tea and fresh homemade bread, I've had worse sunday mornings than this ;)


Good morning world!
There is nothing so wonderful like going around in a morning haze. Drinking too much coffee and tea, the cats are a little bit more cuddly than usual and watching my beautiful prince sleep next to me, everyday luxury <3
 I am so in love with this suspension rail for my photos! Soon it'll be a office space over in this corner. I promise I'll show you better pictures once we are finished with our furnishing!

Oh my dear tomatos! Why wont you grow faster? The plant got a bit damaged when we moved, but it's still going strong (or so it seems atleast)!

These little purple flowers are my absolute favorite pot flower! I've never been good at keeping them alive though!
Morninglight I love you!


Red Hot Chili Peppers, you sure made me nostalgic and made my day! John Frusciante, magazines and alot of tea <3

I cant get enough of my new lamp!

.. And my new cushions!


Trying to do absolutely nothing, I need to charge my batteries..I just lay on the sofa, watch Smallville and listen to the thunder and rain outside. But my mind just keep driving me into insanity! I cant even stand the thought of making todays dinner..


I'll just have another cup of tea and cuddle with my boys.. If I could I would sleep for a year straight!

Haven't tried the OMG tea yet, but the DAA is freaking delicious!


ÅÅH! Äntligen börjar vi få i ordning här hemma. Vi håller verkligen på att få ett drömhem!!


Soliga lediga dagar med mitt <3


Fågelutställning på jobbet!