It's just a small silent whisper, nobody wants to say it out loud because then it will come true. So I'll just verify it all for you all, the autumn is really here! I didn't really want to realise it, no more warm summer nights! But when I found some rowan berries yesterday, I just couldn't ignore it anymore.. My boo and I went out for a 1.5h walk last night and he was complaining about how cold his fingers was.. Bye bye summer, until next time..
We found a really nice place where we sat down and got to see this really beautiful sunset! I actually find landscape photography the least fun of it all.. It's really a challenge for me to get a landscape photo that I'm satisfied with! Something really has to catch my eye from the first instant. I'm more about the details in the big picture and timeless portraits, now thats my cup of tea!




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