I'm having a really shit day! It feels like I'm fighting a battle against the world. Nothing goes my way and I'm so fu*kin tired of todays society.. Gah, I don't want to study in this FUCKED UP country anymore and how the fuck does the politicians think that a 22-year old living in her own apartment could live on 370€ a month!!? It doesn't even cover my rent! It feels like the government isn't doing shit for the citizens at the moment.. You either have to incur debt as fuck or do paralellt work with school, yeah our system is soooooo goood!!
Monday I hate you. Society I hate you. Mood swings I hate you. 
So I thought:"Hey, lets release some heat and do an egoshoot"...
Yeaaah.. That always turns out sooo good when your in a bad mood!




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