Good morning sweeties!
I just woke up and now I'm having my morning coffee (surprise, surprise!) and should start browsing some cake recipes! Mom, dad and my sister and brother are paying us a visit tomorrow since it's my birthday next week. They haven't seen our apartment since we moved here either, so it's going to be real fun to have them over. Otherwise I dont have much else planned today, wait to get our new bed that we ordered last weekend, it should be delivered today and of course make some cakes and keep you guys updated! If you have some nice cake recipes, dont hesitate to share them with me, I need all inspiration I can get :)
Have a nice one :)
 Lord of the rings, a whole plate full of different cheeses, crackers, tomatos with onion in vinaigrette and my favorite candy Dumle together with my love, perfect thursday evening! Yes, we both are crazy about cheese!
 I say good morning, the eliminated hero Hilda says good night! 




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