Aah, autumn holidays I love you!
Apparently it's currently snowing back home, insane! Autumn is turning into winter sooner than I expected. I don't think I've had the moment to catch it on photo, as it's been every single autumn the last six years. I'd say I've been more motivated this year than previous ones though, but I think that's because I bought my new camera this summer! Every single year I tell myself "This year I'm going to take some amazing photos!", but then I always get so depressed and closed up in the autumn and loose all my motivation. Then I think we live in such a beautiful city, so that is absolutely keeping me motivated!
Babe got me a late birthday gift! There is some significant difference between a 130€ carbon fibre tripod and a 20€, like my previous ones! I was so surprised when he even knew that I wanted a carbon fibre tripod from Triopo, but then he told me it wasn't too hard to figure it out,
"It was on your b-day wishlist on your blog honey ;)"...
Today is cleaning and laundry day and the cats are scared shitless as always.. They are so afraid of the vacuum cleaner! Happy got his own little nook in the corner of the sofa today and he is actually still in the same corner, I think somone found a new favorite spot :P I love Happy's amber eyes!




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