I'm addicted to this... Mmm Hardwell I love you! 
Here's some self portraits I shot today, I LOVE MY PLUM PEPLUM TOP! 
Top from Bik Bok. necklace (which is an aqua aura crystal) from Mystic Magasinet
Yeeaaah.... I always have a couple of these kind of photos after a shoot! The thing is I always get so damn frustrated at the wireless remote when it's not working properly. Just imagine standing infront of the camera and the auto focus is just moving back and forth, you're trying to get the remote not to show in frame and then when you finally have your pose and "smize" on, feeling all goofy and shit, THE REMOTE JUST WONT WORK... You decide the camera needs to hear "a couple" of cursing words and you really feel the need to show the camera your worst grimace ever, and BOOM! The remote suddenly decided to work...




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