I took the car and drove to the first beautiful place I found. I had no plans and no pressure to have to accomplish something. I just walked around, crawled around on the jetties and distanced myself from all that has been going on lately. It was a really long time ago since I did this and it was so great just being out alone with my camera. I seriously need to do this more often and this is why I fell in love with photography in the first place, "A constant searching for profoundness in every petty paraphernalia." quoting myself and all. 


Backlight photography and autumn colors ❤️
This is how a leaf look through a reversed lens :)


lt's the little things that makes the big picture! Had an awesome weekend with my dearest, thanks everyone! Lets do it again in a couple of weeks! The weather was so nice yesterday, a bit chilly but the sun was warm. Perfect autumn day.


It's just a small silent whisper, nobody wants to say it out loud because then it will come true. So I'll just verify it all for you all, the autumn is really here! I didn't really want to realise it, no more warm summer nights! But when I found some rowan berries yesterday, I just couldn't ignore it anymore.. My boo and I went out for a 1.5h walk last night and he was complaining about how cold his fingers was.. Bye bye summer, until next time..
We found a really nice place where we sat down and got to see this really beautiful sunset! I actually find landscape photography the least fun of it all.. It's really a challenge for me to get a landscape photo that I'm satisfied with! Something really has to catch my eye from the first instant. I'm more about the details in the big picture and timeless portraits, now thats my cup of tea!


I totally woke up on the wrong side today.. I'm so tired and feeling feverish, I don't want to do anything today! So I'll just be on the sofa browsing Pinterest and watching the series Ancient Aliens


After the storm a beautiful sky awaits


Soliga lediga dagar med mitt <3


Fågelutställning på jobbet!


NIKON D7000 & NIKKOR 35/1.8mm
1/500 f2 ISO100 (edited with vsco cam for ios)

Tja-a, jag behöver ju aldrig oroa mig för att jag inte ska ha att göra på jobbet iallafall! Finns det inte kakor att baka eller kunder att betjäna kan jag ju alltid gå ut i trädgården med kameran en stund ;) Den sista bilden är utan tvekan favoriten!

Free lensing

Klematisbladstekel, Rhadinoceraea ventralis
NIKON D60 & Nikkor AF-S DX 35/1,8 G,
F/0 (/ 1.8) , 1/80 & ISO400

Den här lilla larven hittade jag på mitt skosnöre för ett par veckor sen! Den vägrade att flytta på sig oavsett hur jag än vred och vände på skosnöret för att få bästa vinklar och ljus. Slutligen fick jag peta bort den från skon! Första bilden är freelensad.