Jag passade på att svänga ihop en liten förlossningsgåva åt Marcus och Carro i form av en fotobok av bilderna från deras fotografering.
Vill bara tipsa om Ifolors Designer app, gick supersmidigt att svänga ihop fotoboken och leveransen var inte lång. Färgåtergivningen var superbra, produktutbudet brett och priserna är väldigt överkomliga!

F / E

När jag började fota och tittade på alla snygga foton, så satt jag alltid och undrade hur dom hade gjort för att få till redigeringen. Därför tänkte jag nu dela med mig av ett par korta steg i min redigeringsprocess!

Så vad har jag då riktigt gjort för att få till den här redigeringen? 

1. Först justerade jag till Curves.
2. Sen Levels för att få till färgtonen jag ville ha.
3. Gjorde en liten beauty tusch, fixade exmpelvis bort dom synligaste porerna.
4. Skärpte vissa partier i bilden.
5. Och slutligen lite Offset,
and voilà!


Ladies and gentlemen, this is why you're supposed to shoot in raw!
The simplest description of RAW files is that they can be thought of as digital negatives. I clearly remember how frustrated I used to get when I didn't have any control over the camera settings and there were burnt out or underexposed parts in almost every picture I shot and I never chose to shoot in RAW just because I didn't know what the difference between JPEG and RAW format (there was a time when I could shoot about over 300 photos and I didn't get satisfied with a single one!).

The most significant difference between RAW and JPEG is that RAW holds so much more image data than JPEG does and you get to apply all of your edits with no sacrifice of image quality.
It actually took me five years to switch from JPEG to RAW and it took me this long just because of the most RAW files require you conduct some degree of post processing via photo editing software to convert your image to an editable file type for editing. Now when I'm working with my ipad and PS Touch this is now longer a problem and my workflow is so smooth from what it used to be.

My best and shortest advice to every newbie is to read the manual (the first time I read a manual was when I bought my camera six years ago!) and analyze what might have gone wrong and do better next time! A failure does not mean you are failing, it just means you're learning from your mistakes. Never give up and take in all feedback you get and develop from this!