I'm back bit*hes ;)
Babe and I decided to go away on a little weekend getaway together. It was so nice to be away with my love and spend some quality time together. I feel so blessed, he is my big love, my life and my best friend! Here's a short video from our little getaway, watch it in 1080p! Shot with Nikon D7000 and edited with iMovie on iPad. 


Late night nostalgia and I have nothing to say besides; BRA SKIT!


We've all been there, you try to log in on your blog, facebook page or whatever... BUT THE INTERNET IS STONE DEAD!! The timing is of course always perfect, when you have soooo many things you need to do. You check your phone once again, realises the god d*mn internet still is dead and you just want to throw your phone against a brick wall... This is what happens to a geek when her internet is off, I now introduce you to the magnificent movie
(watch it in 1080p!)

(And yes, I do apologize sooooo much for my worthless updates!! I've just been so empty and haven't found anything interesting to update you guys on!)


WOAH, this is insane!! My blog statistics shot in the sky today! You guys are just amazing!! So, here's something I threw together earlier this evening (in swedish though)! Filmed with Nikon D7000 and edited in iMovie. Hope you enjoy, watch it in 720p!


 I love this city and all the beautiful colors in the fall! I really like filming!!


I'm just peeking in here for a few minutes, I'm on my way out on a photo walk! Just wanted to tell you I'm alive, it's just my motivation is a bit low at the moment.. Here is a video of Happy and Hilda from this morning. It's not always easy being the good big brother, especially with this teasing little diva ;) You can really see how he wants to hit her in the face at the end of the video. Feedback is always appreciated! :)


Yeah well, this is really nothing special. Sometimes I just forget that I actually can record 1080p videos with my camera. So today I just wanted to play around with iMovie, and the cats were the most interesting thing I could find to record. This is something I want and need to get better at. Here is my baby kitties atleast! I'd really like to know what you think and get some of your opinions!