Rainy day and some chill music in the kitchen, it's my therapy.
Gluten free leeks, broccoli and feta pie.
Gluten free lime-&mango cheesecake!
Yesterdays outcome of spending 4,5h in the kitchen! There is one door into the kitchen via the bedroom and one through the hallway. So one good thing about our kitchen is that you can shut yourself in completely. Which means I can put on some good music and sing along as much as I want, without disturbing anyone (or I think I didn't disturb anyone atleast 😉 ).


Okay, so this is a conversation me and my bf always keep coming back to. We've been dating for two years in two weeks and had our half year anniversary last sunday. Shortly said, he's my big love and best friend. So where do I want to come with this..? It's always fun when we're in the car at a pedestrian crossing or watching a movie and there's a girl with say a reeeeally nice ass and this is how the scenario always plays out;
Babe: "Sorry if I was watching sweetie, but it's always okay to watch, huh?"
Me: "Yeah of course it's fine.."
As I say this my head is still following that beautiful ass we just saw and its always always like this. Babe apologizes for watching, when I'm still staring my eyes out explaining it's fully okay to watch (since I also do this to you know). Yes, I do have an obsession with girls/women bodies, boobs and asses. I just love girls and how beautiful we are. Well, about once bimonthly this obsession strikes me like a baseball bat in the head and all I see everywhere is ass, boobs and hot bodies. I really become obsessed (especially with boobs) for a straight week, and then boom it's gone like nothing has ever happened. So yeah, I've guessed you figured out that I'm obsessed at this moment and the only thing I can think about is boobs and "God please, why didn't you give me bigger boobs for crying out loud!?" So my Instagram feed and fav category on pinterest, yeah well I dont think I need to explain further! And even worse, tattooed hot women...

(All photos from Pinterest)

Now I'm off for some grocery shopping. A couple of gluten free cakes is on the to-do list today, babes mom,dad and grandpa is coming to visit tomorrow! (And of course I need to show off, just a little bit 😉 ).


I'm having a really bad day, it's not fun being grumpy, restless and broke as f*ck. I could start drawing something but I don't think that is such a good idea either, let's just say that my nerves don't show their best side today. Aaah I miss you so much Carro! I really hope you get your ass over here tomorrow you know, for your own sake ;)
Me: "Am I a bad "mom" for our cats if I stand with the ipad (camera) at the ready, waiting for over five minutes for her to fall into the toilet?😃"
Me: "And the gets disappointed when she didn't fall..?"
C: Haaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaahaaaaa 😃 I would so push her in
Me: I knew I wasn't the only one!!! That's why I love you 😗😝😛


So my birthday is in 16 days and of course I have some special b-day wishes! Any headphones that's pink will do, but the ones from AKG are my favorite. So if I'd get to choose, I would pick the pink AKG's... Or maybe a purple pair from Beats by Dre, you always get to dream, huh!? ;)


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Bookshelf & desk:
External hard drive:


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So this is the result from what I did yesterday! I actually like this one very much and would really like this one in our kitchen. When I was ready with it yesterday and showed it to babe, he said the exact same thing about having this in our kitchen. All the art I create always start out with the same vision; to create something I could be proud about hanging on my own walls and this one is certainly going up on our walls! Work done on iPad & Adobe Photoshop Touch. So what do you think, I'm dying to hear your opinion!?
Love :)


I was just going to delete some ready project in Photoshop, but "accidentally" started a new one and there I was... Three hours just flew away like that! You'll just get a sneak peek tonight, but visit tomorrow and you will know what I've been up to tonight. Nighty night!


Yeah well, this is really nothing special. Sometimes I just forget that I actually can record 1080p videos with my camera. So today I just wanted to play around with iMovie, and the cats were the most interesting thing I could find to record. This is something I want and need to get better at. Here is my baby kitties atleast! I'd really like to know what you think and get some of your opinions! 


lt's the little things that makes the big picture! Had an awesome weekend with my dearest, thanks everyone! Lets do it again in a couple of weeks! The weather was so nice yesterday, a bit chilly but the sun was warm. Perfect autumn day.

Sweet saturday with my nearest and dearest! 


Yay, it's friday and I finally got my glasses today! They actually make me feel old and like a hot teacher at the same time. Guess I just have to get used to them! Currently I'm wearing the purple ones, they're my favorite because well, they are freaking purple 
And of course I'm matching my lovely new glasses with my beautiful purple peplum top!


Nothing but silence and complete serenity (and of course a couple of tealight candles). I just love our kitchen and the natural light in there! I love the fall when I get to drink loads of loads of tea, light a million candles and cuddle in the sofa while the rain patter against the window. Now it's time for the last cup of tea and then of to bed. Tomorrow where going home and I get to see my dear dear friends and family!
Nighty night!


I'm addicted to this... Mmm Hardwell I love you! 
Here's some self portraits I shot today, I LOVE MY PLUM PEPLUM TOP! 
Top from Bik Bok. necklace (which is an aqua aura crystal) from Mystic Magasinet
Yeeaaah.... I always have a couple of these kind of photos after a shoot! The thing is I always get so damn frustrated at the wireless remote when it's not working properly. Just imagine standing infront of the camera and the auto focus is just moving back and forth, you're trying to get the remote not to show in frame and then when you finally have your pose and "smize" on, feeling all goofy and shit, THE REMOTE JUST WONT WORK... You decide the camera needs to hear "a couple" of cursing words and you really feel the need to show the camera your worst grimace ever, and BOOM! The remote suddenly decided to work...


Shopping and a donut from Arnolds! Hey, its saturday - I'm allowed to have sweets today ;) Going out dancing with some friends tonight, have a feeling it's going to be insane! Sooooooooon I also get to party, 26 days to go! Then I've been sober for five freaking months! Have a nice one!


Here's both the grayscale & color version of a illustration I started on earlier today. Done on Ipad with Adobe Ideas and Adobe Photoshop Touch
(note to self: work on those goddamn shades.. I hate shading..) 


Sh*t, you guys really have to think I'm the worst blogger ever! We've got some serious catching up to do! And of course there is no better way to do that for me than to throw in a million pictures in one post! Enjoy! 
Last weekend we visited our families and friends back home, and when we got back home we had this gorgeous old-school sewing machine with us which we got from babes mom. I just want to sit and stare at it, but maybe it's a better idea to start sewing stuff instead of just watching it.
Since I started working at the café I did earlier this summer, my fascination for chili grew real big. I just need to have everything with a taste of chili, the best thing I tasted this summer was this liquorice with Naga Morich chili. So when I saw this I just couldn't stop myself, I haven't got to try it yet but I have to admit I'm a bit sceptical!
Summer -13 is over and I haven't watered my tomato plant for almost a month. For a couple of days a go my last two tomatos started to turn red!! Well, atleast I got three small cherry tomatos from my plant ;) Next years project is chilis for sure!
This weekend I was told to tell and write a bit more about what is happening in my life. Hope you're happy now Harri ;) You said I should stop smoking when we were talking on skype last time, just wanted you to know that I've smoked three cigarettes since then!


Started to play around with my iPad earlier. This is sooo much fun! Late night entertainment.
It's almost been five years since I last did this, and I totally forgot how freaking fun it was :) 1,5h sketch.


Mmmm.... Mudcake, tea and candle light!


I have a confession, for those who already didn't know this... Yes, I AM a total geek! And the geek in me is so freaking happy today!! Now I can start being productive for real! Aaah, blogging on an iPad is so much easier than on an iPhone!! ;) and the swiping between apps, oh my god I'm in love! 
This one's one me :D


Hi sweeties!
First I'd like to say sorry for the long absence, but here's the deal! I just don't like to blog just for that. So when I feel I've got something nice to show you or tell you, I give you an update! Here's an update on something I got today, went a little crazy at Indiska ;) Tomorrow I'm spending big money, so check in tomorrow evening to see what it's all about ;)
I've drooled over this breakfast-set for so long and today I just couldn't resist it anymore :)
Haha, how cute isn't this? Babe stood and drooled over it, so I just had to get it!
Delicious green tea with strawberries and ginger, I love shopping new teas!
Arnolds Donuts<3
Found a really cute (and cheap) jar full with tealight candles yesterday.